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The empty threat does nothing but make Megido scoff and she bit back the scathing remark that she would love for Amrita to make good on her word. Death would be all too welcome.

Life is a piece of shit.

That alone is her inspiration for everything she does. If life is to be what it is, she will gladly be the one to stick a needle through its throat and let the blood of the unlucky spill across her hands.

Guilt is an emotion she has learned to suppress.

Perhaps that is why what angered her about the situation is not the fact that an innocent might have been culled for the sake of an old hag’s ego, but the fact that she comes under the crosshairs of the publics’ inquires.

Worse, of course, is that the inquiries are useless.

If Meenah is missing, it is not their responsibility to find her. If she is dead, then what good is the knowledge of who and why? Assassination was a ridiculously easy concept to understand.

“Bullshit,” she hisses, not because she cares about the truth or the lie. This has become a matter of principle. “I have not seen you dirty your own hands in sweeps. Your version of a ‘prettier’ death for the wiggler would be an order to have her assassinated, and then you would wipe your mind of it. You would have her mutilated, maybe, if you could fathom the energy to care. Maybe I would do it. Maybe one of your worthless drones.”

As she speaks, she realizes there isn’t anything on the disappearance that stamps the Condesce’s name to it. She knows her ‘boss’ is clean and methodical, but nothing slips by the Handmaid. Nothing substantial, at least. “So the child disappeared. I suppose it becomes up to me to determine whether this was a kidnapping or intentional.”

Were it a kidnapping, Megido would swiftly kill her and blame it on the assailant. She would not ask permission.

This had given her a headache, and the brat deserved to have her lungs bubble up with magenta fluid for it.

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