chronodiastatos: (dark shadow)
Caliborn | undyingUmbrage ([personal profile] chronodiastatos) wrote in [community profile] antionette 2012-09-14 12:10 am (UTC)

Caliborn grins a bit wider. Gives an exaggerated motion of his head. Tilting his chin up while looking down. He sits at the table in the center of the room and sets the pieces down. They clack against the marble board because he's putting them down with some force. It isn't angry. But it's enthused. Amused.

"You are as bitchy as ever," he tells her. "And as pretty as ever. A true high-class ho. As cold as ice. And with a chance of outright frostbite. Are you going to make me. Stop looking at you?? You can't. Because you're. Just a stupid handmaid."

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