chronodiastatos: (FuCK YES)
Caliborn | undyingUmbrage ([personal profile] chronodiastatos) wrote in [community profile] antionette 2012-09-15 01:42 am (UTC)

"Yes, a fucking game. Did your hair get in your ears?"

His tone plays at annoyance but his face is another matter completely. He is just amused. Gleeful even. Maybe happy. He likes that she has nothing to say besides that. He likes that she falls silent. Just for a moment. Just for a beat. But she has nothing to say. A girl with infinite words and infinite time. He supposes they both do. But that's besides the point.

Caliborn is not good at chess if he is completely honest. Calliope is better at warlike strategy. And he thinks that he prefers checkers anyways. But he can take a loss. Kind of. He will try to take this loss gracefully. The act of actually playing is what matters, right? And then he realizes he's thinking as though he's already lost.

That's enough of that.

"I'll move first," he says, setting a pawn two paces forward. "Since my pieces are white."

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