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HOMESTUCK AU ᴥ let me tell you about the sad man

There was a saying in Alternia that Megido made the winners and decimated the losers.

It was as if she had been born and raised for a career in politics, bred and nurtured to stand just beside the limelight in the shadow of a leader. In public, her presence was quiet. In private, she ran the show.

No one was surprised when she was picked by the Empress to become her advisor, though they were a little fearful. What had started out bad was only bound to grow awful -- they were a duo that would make sure of that. The Empress wanted to rule everything, and Megido knew exactly what buttons to push.

She was an instigator, admired by those who dreamed of having their voice heard. The odds of a rustblood becoming a bureaucrat were next to nothing, and she had gone farther than those of even the most noble of blood.

Megido was a lowblood with power rivaled only by the rule of the Condesce.

But she was not the voice the people had hoped for. While she may not have been a tyrant, the short, demure woman the crowd often saw at their ruler’s side proved to be anything but when it came for fighting for their rights. Or any rights at all.

Hushed whispers would say that perhaps it was Megido who was responsible for what was slowly becoming a society ripe with criminals and the police turning a blind eye. They would not be entirely wrong. She had her thumb on everything.

When the Heiress went missing, the public turned their eyes not to their leader but to her. The calm, polite statements that there would be no further comment at this time were left at the throne room door--

“What the SHIT were you thinking, Amrita?” Her shout was almost louder than the door she slammed behind her. “Or should I say Her Imperious Doesn’t Have A Fucking Clue What She’s Doing?”
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The torrential sea of politics, death and crime; Amrita Druse and Megido; the end of the day, their position in power, all of it paved in a rainbow of blood. Amrita is sat upon her throne stroking a white cat, legs crossed and long hair curled under her. She seems bored as she sits there, not swinging her feet but an air of impatience about her in every other way. She is a childish woman with all her airs of elegance and pretending of classiness. She is a woman supported by a rustblood.

But she will not acknowledge that. She is an intelligent person in her own right just as she is a person who knows her way around politics, crowd control and iron fists. And more than that, she is prideful. So it's natural that it's gone to her head. So it's natural that Megido is unacknowledged, the fruitless movement of someone who has no say in their own life, and so it is natural that she is a joke.

She gently pushes the cat off of her lap and smiles her handmaid's way. She stands and with a shake of her head her long hair moves out from under her, away from the clicking of her heel. The cat stalks off.

Of course she's heard of Meenah's disappearance. Of course she is aware. But she pretends, a small inquisitive smile on her face.

"My," she says. "You're in a foul mood. Fouler than usual. Please, Megido. Tell me what is the matter. What has driven you to address me in a way so disrespectful?"
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She laughs then, a sharp and loud sound. She claps once, drawing a pace closer.

"I could have you killed for that, you know," Amrita says, voice low and amused. It's less a threat than it is her making some sort of joke. "I did not have her disposed of. She's legitimately disappeared of her own devices, and there is not a single thing I have done to hurt her. Now, if I had... don't you think I would have done it better? Prettier?"

Aware of the consequences of killing either heiress, Amrita grins, mouth sharp with teeth. She may be prideful, she may be childlike, but she is not stupid. Everything would incriminate her if the beloved heiress were to die. Each dot would connect to form a line and a line would form revolt. Control is the point of everything and with no respect, with no fear in the peasants of Alternia, there would be none of that.

She steps lightly, almost giddy with the Demoness' anger. But there is no lie in her words. It might be hard to tell-- the Imperial Condescension herself is a woman woven with lies, woven with deceit-- but she is genuinely telling the truth. There is no point in lying to Megido, but she's not sure the other woman understands that yet.