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HOMESTUCK ᴥ i'm not your fucking babysitter

There were not enough stars in any universe for the Handmaid to count how many miserable tasks she had been assigned, but there were none more infuriating than the tasks in which she had to play the part of an ‘excellent host’.

Her master would chide that she was following in his footsteps, ohohoho, wasn’t that cute?

It was about as cute as it would be to manage to break away from him long enough to grab his broom and stick it up his puppet ass. Now, there was a dream worth holding onto. It was far more likely to be realized than any of her others -- freedom, death, a bedroom that wasn’t strictly a nauseating green.

Dreams aside, today was like any other day. She had a job to do, one that unsurprisingly involved traveling through time and space. Par for the course, really, save for her end location.

God damnit, and she wasn’t HOSTING anything. She was a guest, an excellent guest, really, if one considered kicking over a chair immediately upon her arrival as ‘excellent guest’ behavior.


She shouted the greeting, despite being in a tiny room.

She was like 7 sweeps now, plus or minus several thousand sweeps of time travel. That was way too old for fucking playdates.
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Caliborn glances over, almost disinterested, and casually stands. Walks a pace closer. And gives her a good look up and down. It has been a while since they met last. He's okay with that, even though their visits are fun. But she's grown. Whereas he himself is relatively scrawny. It's a side effect of sharing a body with someone inferior. But there's no much he can do to change it. It's not like there's iron to pump laying around.

"Hey," he says in return. Can't help but to grin. She's prettier than even Roxy, he thinks. Dark hair; red makeup; curved horns; grey skin. Caliborn does not hide the way he leers at her. "It's been a good. Solid fucking while. What's up with that shit?? Were you too busy for me. Or something like that."

What he does not say is "how the fuck are you taller than me now".