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Many trolls are born and die every day. More than anyone can keep track of. Killing and death are not anything foreign to Terezi, but she's starting to learn how to tell an infected troll from someone healthy. It's easy to smell it, she thinks, really easy to tell that way, but from a distance it is impossible. But there's always something off about their appearance. Sometimes they're completely drenched in blood, sometimes they're vivisected and skipping rope-- those cases are easy enough! But there are sometimes subtler deaths where someone was smothered or poisoned. You can tell with them by the mechanical way they move.

She doesn't want to abandon her unhatched lusus. She doesn't want to leave it to harm's way. But there is a sort of moss growing on it, and she can see that just fine from her tree. She knows it's dangerous and she's not about to test her luck.

There are a good two things to consider!

Firstly, there's the origin of this fucked up thing. Terezi has gone through her own personal library several times and found nothing that might explain it. She can think about it for as long as she wants, but there is never any sort of confirmation. That drives her a little nuts. But an uneducated guess says the infection thrives on land.

Secondly, there's the matter of her friends. Where are they? Terezi has lost contact with all of them. She supposes in such a widespread disaster, there's no time to take a coffee break. She can't just leave them behind-- even though she's already making plans to do as much-- ah, fuck it. Terezi supposes this is another trial of the fit and the unfit. It might suck to have a friend die of this but it's better them than her. And it isn't as if Terezi hasn't lost friends before. Maybe not to sickness but to a spider lusus.

She decides that the ocean may be her best bet. After captchaloguing everything she cares about, she heads that way as the bright Alternian sun sets. She moves quietly but quickly through the forest surrounding her home so as to not attract attention. It works, she thinks, it works until she actually stumbles across the beach. It is there that she finds Vriska.

"Vriska!" she says as she approaches, senses sharp in the darkening evening. "It seems as though we may very well have had the same idea."

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