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HOMESTUCK AU ᴥ have they told you that you're dead?

this is pretty much an unattractive CATCH ALL post for a plot/scenario that I've wanted to do for a L0NG time
basically a version of zombiestuck that i thought about a little too hard

The premise revolves mostly around the existence of a mind-controlling fungus that corrupts ant corpses with the intent of spreading its spores. It's a real thing, and it's pretty awesome. Given that trolls are insect-based, I figure running with the idea that something like this could exist on their home planet would not be super out of the question.

sO THEM'S THE BASICS ON THE HOW. RP-wise, I figure most storylines would start out after most of Alternia has been taken over. For human characters if you want those, it can either be that they all lived on the same planet in this au and the fungus has mutated into being able to control humans as well, or that the Alternians tried to escape to Earth and brought the fungus with them, where it then mutated to adapt to its new environment.

i gOT SCeNARIOS up the wall for various characters and don't mind starting. I'm open to playing any of the stucks listed here, including playing multiple characters to move the story along. so basically, anything within this setting, if you want to do it, jusT SAY THE WORD and i will KISS YOU.