There was a saying in Alternia that Megido made the winners and decimated the losers.

It was as if she had been born and raised for a career in politics, bred and nurtured to stand just beside the limelight in the shadow of a leader. In public, her presence was quiet. In private, she ran the show.

No one was surprised when she was picked by the Empress to become her advisor, though they were a little fearful. What had started out bad was only bound to grow awful -- they were a duo that would make sure of that. The Empress wanted to rule everything, and Megido knew exactly what buttons to push.

She was an instigator, admired by those who dreamed of having their voice heard. The odds of a rustblood becoming a bureaucrat were next to nothing, and she had gone farther than those of even the most noble of blood.

Megido was a lowblood with power rivaled only by the rule of the Condesce.

But she was not the voice the people had hoped for. While she may not have been a tyrant, the short, demure woman the crowd often saw at their ruler’s side proved to be anything but when it came for fighting for their rights. Or any rights at all.

Hushed whispers would say that perhaps it was Megido who was responsible for what was slowly becoming a society ripe with criminals and the police turning a blind eye. They would not be entirely wrong. She had her thumb on everything.

When the Heiress went missing, the public turned their eyes not to their leader but to her. The calm, polite statements that there would be no further comment at this time were left at the throne room door--

“What the SHIT were you thinking, Amrita?” Her shout was almost louder than the door she slammed behind her. “Or should I say Her Imperious Doesn’t Have A Fucking Clue What She’s Doing?”