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Her Imperial Condescension )-( Amrita Druse ([personal profile] condescension) wrote in [community profile] antionette 2012-09-07 12:43 am (UTC)

The torrential sea of politics, death and crime; Amrita Druse and Megido; the end of the day, their position in power, all of it paved in a rainbow of blood. Amrita is sat upon her throne stroking a white cat, legs crossed and long hair curled under her. She seems bored as she sits there, not swinging her feet but an air of impatience about her in every other way. She is a childish woman with all her airs of elegance and pretending of classiness. She is a woman supported by a rustblood.

But she will not acknowledge that. She is an intelligent person in her own right just as she is a person who knows her way around politics, crowd control and iron fists. And more than that, she is prideful. So it's natural that it's gone to her head. So it's natural that Megido is unacknowledged, the fruitless movement of someone who has no say in their own life, and so it is natural that she is a joke.

She gently pushes the cat off of her lap and smiles her handmaid's way. She stands and with a shake of her head her long hair moves out from under her, away from the clicking of her heel. The cat stalks off.

Of course she's heard of Meenah's disappearance. Of course she is aware. But she pretends, a small inquisitive smile on her face.

"My," she says. "You're in a foul mood. Fouler than usual. Please, Megido. Tell me what is the matter. What has driven you to address me in a way so disrespectful?"

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